Richard Cloudesley School

Before Christmas, I met with members of the Golden Lane Estate Residents Association (GLERA) to discuss the redevelopment of the Richard Cloudesley School site and the general approach the City has taken towards residents' concerns and recent planning applications.

Belgravia Police Station

Many Westminster residents have contacted me with their concerns regarding the Mayor’s proposals to consolidate policing resources in London.


The continuing lack of regulation of pedicabs in London remains a concern to residents and visitors alike, and I have enormous sympathy with locals in the West End and beyond who detest the noise and disruption caused by unlicensed pedicabs.

'Superfast' Broadband

As you may recall from my election address, following months of vigorous lobbying, Pimlico and Mayfair are in the process of benefiting from a roll-out of fibre from BT Openreach which will lead to 30,000 more homes receiving 'superfast' broadband.

Bernard Morgan House

Since June, I have been in regular correspondence with residents of the Golden Lane Estate in regard to their concerns over the proposed redevelopment of the site comprising Bernard Morgan House.