Give Councils powers to issue larger on-the-spot fines

Poor air quality is a problem for us all, with countless studies having shown that the harm caused by toxic air is too serious to ignore. Dirty air is known to cause breathing problems, heart attacks and lung cancer and has increasingly been linked to dementia.

Campaign for a Lasting Reduction in Tube Noise 

Noise and vibrations from underground trains have had an intolerable effect on the quality of life for local people in pockets of the constituency for a number of years. Despite our best efforts, London Underground has been unwilling to take meaningful action to address this long-standing issue.

Rein in Abuse of Short-Term Lets

There are over 8,300 Westminster properties and rooms listed on Airbnb at any one time and this number is rising. Westminster Council currently has little real power to regulate this growing industry.

Tackling Rough Sleeping

Our city has more rough sleepers on its streets than the next four highest London boroughs combined. Despite doing much good outreach work in this area, Westminster Council faces an uphill battle if it cannot stem the number of rough sleepers becoming entrenched in a street lifestyle.