Cleaner Air and Tackling Climate Change

Everyone should have the right to breathe clean air, and the countless studies showing the harm caused by toxic air are just too serious to ignore. The Government and the Council have both shown commendable commitment to tackling the problem of poor air and I promise to support them both at every turn to protect local people, and leave a legacy of clean air for future generations in the Cities of London and Westminster. That’s why I will support the aims of the Council’s Air Quality Action Plan by urging the Government and private enterprise to take the steps necessary to cleaning up our air.


Ministerial Update September 2018

As we enter what is sure to be a busy session in parliament, do allow me to provide a picture of some of the work I have undertaken at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in what has been a packed September for my team and me.

Clean Air Day and the Fight Against Air Pollution

Despite World Cup fervour gripping the country, I am sure it will not have escaped your attention that today is Clean Air Day! To mark the occasion, I thought I would share some recent thoughts on a subject very close the hearts of many residents and one which I am regularly asked about.

Air Pollution (London)

Mark made the following contribution to a Westminster Hall debate tabled by fellow London MP, Diane Abbott.