Rein in Abuse of Short-Term Lets

There are over 8,300 Westminster properties and rooms listed on Airbnb at any one time and this number is rising. Westminster Council currently has little real power to regulate this growing industry. That’s why I will continue to make the case to the Government for effective enforcement powers to be given to the Council to bring down the number of what are effectively permanent short-lets, and restore the lost sense of security and community to neighbouring residents.


A Word on Short Lets

Mark wrote the below for the September 2019 edition of the Blueprint magazine

Data Sharing on Short Lets

The problems presented by short-term lets in Westminster is something I have been highlighting for several years.

Short Lets Update

My office, together with officers at Westminster City Council, was able to secure a meeting last month with officials from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in which the prevalence of short lets in Westminster was discussed, together with what more can be done to protect o

How Landlords Break the Rules on Short Lets

The problems resulting from unscrupulous landlords who flout the annual 90-night letting limit is well-documented and something I have been drawing ministers' attention to for years.

It’s Time Britain Stopped Dancing to the Tech Giants’ Tune

Mark wrote the following article for today’s City AM. It can be read online here.

Few tears were shed last summer at the plight of Apple Corporation, whose sweetheart deal with the Irish government was ruled unlawful by the European Union to the tune of a £11bn fine.

Deregulation Bill

Mark Field: Sensible, pragmatic regulations exempting the Greater London area from a short lets free-for-all are, as we know, under acute threat.

Deregulation Bill

Mark wished to speak at Report Stage of the Deregulation Bill to express his concerns about plans to relax rules on short lets in London. Unfortunately he was not able to make the full speech he had drafted as time was taken up by clauses on Sunday trading and TV licences.

Short Lets

New measures are to be introduced in the Deregulation Bill to end rules from the 1970s preventing London residents from renting out their own homes on a short-term basis to visitors.