Richard Cloudesley School

Before Christmas, I met with members of the Golden Lane Estate Residents Association (GLERA) to discuss the redevelopment of the Richard Cloudesley School site and the general approach the City has taken towards residents' concerns and recent planning applications.

The meeting was very productive and I was given a brief tour around the site (on what seemed like the wettest day of the year!) to get a first-hand look at the way proposals will affect the low-rise landscape.

Having been shown the area and the proposed plans, it was clear that too much pressure would be put on the site and that this could adversely affect the carefully cultivated sense of community found around the Golden Lane.

I took this matter up directly with the City's Town Clerk and Chief Executive, John Barradell, and asked that he do everything to engage with the GLERA and give their concerns serious consideration before this application is put before the planning committee in January.

You can read my letter to John below.


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