Supporting our Young and Protecting our Streets

Serious crime in Westminster has risen steadily and is an issue at the forefront of many local people’s minds. Keeping our communities safe is a priority for me, which is why I will continue to work closely with the Metropolitan Police and my Home Office colleagues to get a grip of this worrying issue and reverse this unacceptable trend by advocating the adoption of a public health approach to youth violence reduction, championing the work of local youth clubs and by supporting the Council’s call to Back our Bobbies and get more police out on our streets.


Tackling Criminality on Westminster Bridge

Anyone travelling on foot over Westminster Bridge in recent months will have sadly noticed that it has been playing host to a large organised criminal element.

Soho Residents' Update

The below has been taken from the spring 2019 issue of The Soho Clarion 


Soho Residents' Update

The below has been taken from the December 2018 issue of The Soho Clarion.

London Attack Statement

Mark made the following contribution in the chamber yesterday following the attack in Westminster on Wednesday: