Tackling Rough Sleeping

Our city has more rough sleepers on its streets than the next four highest London boroughs combined. Despite doing much good outreach work in this area, Westminster Council faces an uphill battle if it cannot stem the number of rough sleepers becoming entrenched in a street lifestyle. That’s why I will continue to support the Council’s efforts to stop vulnerable people from becoming long-term rough sleepers by pressing the Government for greater powers to remove tents from public spaces.


Sleeping Rough In The Square Mile

Living as we do in this city centre constituency where the enormously wealthy live cheek by jowl with some of the poorest, most disenfranchised in our society, I believe we are confronted more regularly than most by the issues surrounding rough sleeping.

The Soup Kitchen Dilemma

Concern about rough sleepers and the homeless has featured strongly in my constituency postbag ever since I entered Parliament in 2001. 

Homelessness (A8 Nationals)

Mr. Mark Field (Cities of London and Westminster) (Con): There has been an impassioned national debate about the benefits and burdens of the influx of people from eastern Europe since the EU enlargement of May 2004.

Street Sleepers

A concerned constituent wrote to me in July about a man who had taken to sleeping rough in the Horseferry Road area. Her concern was that, having spoken to the homeless man, he might have slipped though the social services net.