Parliamentary Office
020 7219 8155
Office of Mark Field MP, House of Commons, SW1A 0AA

Due to strict parliamentary convention, I am only able to deal with the cases of those who live in the constituency. To check whether you live in the constituency, please enter your postcode in the search box on the homepage.

The best way to contact me is by post or e-mail. This avoids confusion or mistakes that can be made over the telephone, provides me with all the relevant documentation and most importantly gives me explicit permission to act on your behalf, ultimately meaning that cases are dealt with more quickly.

When writing, please include all the information and documentation relevant to your case, as well as your full constituency address, and any applicable reference numbers. If you are writing on behalf of somebody else, you must include a signed letter from them authorising you to act on their behalf.

Should you wish to meet me, I host surgeries by appointment at Portcullis House on weekdays. Please put your request in request in writing, either by post or e-mail, together with any supporting documentation or correspondence which helps to outline what you would like to discuss. When you write in, please be sure to include your full name, your postal address and contact details. If writing on behalf of someone else you must provide a signed note from that individual which authorises you to act on their behalf.

Surgeries can be fully booked for some time in advance and I try to keep appointments for serious matters over which I am able to exercise meaningful influence. Most of the time, my Parliamentary team and I will be able to listen to you, offer help to resolve an issue without the need to wait for an appointment. If a case is particularly urgent or complex, I will of course do my best to arrange a meeting outside of my standard surgery times.