Loan Charge Update

Following persistent calls from myself and colleagues from across the House the government has commissioned an independent review into the Loan Charge. 

Mental Health Support for LSE Students

Being aware of, and looking after, one’s mental health is so important at all stages of life, none more so than when at university. Studying hard for a better future while you adapt to new surroundings and people can be incredibly demanding.

Support Breast Cancer Now This October

The UK still has one of the lowest breast cancer survival rates in Western Europe and this year alone around 11,500 women will lose their lives.

A Word on the Sad Demise of Bury FC

Since the age of six I have been a passionate supporter of Bury Football Club - needless to say the events of recent weeks, culminating in the Shakers' expulsion from the English Football League, have been deeply upsetting.

Prorogation of Parliament

Before getting too carried away by excited talk of parliament being bypassed, it is important to note that MPs will have the opportunity to debate the government’s approach to Brexit in the run up to the European Council meeting on 17 and 18 October, with key votes on any potential deal we might

Homeless Strategy Consultation

As many of you will be aware, homelessness is an issue I have been working hard on since I first entered Parliament and one of the biggest issues we face both here in Westminster and nationally.

Westminster Bridge Gambling and Scams

Local people and tourists alike have been contacting me about the Romanian gangs who have been running scams across the length of Westminster Bridge, enticing passers by to part with their money in a rigged game of three-cup shuffle.