Action on nuisance street gamblers – have your say

Mark is pleased to share the news that, after years of lobbying about the impact of nuisance gamblers on the area, the local authority is taking action.

Westminster City Council have announced that they intend to implement Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs)  in specific places where such anti-social behaviour persists.  PSPOs give the police and local councils more powers to enforce restrictions, such as the ban on unlicensed street gambling/gaming, as failure to comply with the order is a criminal offence that could see offenders fined up to £1000. PSPOs are currently being used with great success in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to assist the local authorities in tackling the reckless driving and noise often associated with high-powered vehicles.

Anyone living or working in Westminster, particularly around Westminster Bridge, will be familiar with the street gamblers who clog up busy walkways, sometimes scamming innocent passers-by and tourists. Mark would welcome the introduction of PSPOs to the area to clamp down on this behaviour.

Before introducing PSPOs to Westminster, the Council would like to hear your thoughts. To find out more about what PSPOs are and share your views, please follow this link. The consultation is open until 9 September.