The campaign begins!

Parliament officially dissolved on Monday, firing the starting gun for the run up to May 6 when the country will go to the polling booths to decide our next government. This means that Mark has gone from being the MP for the Cities of London and Westminster to the Conservative Candidate for the constituency.

Now that his parliamentary duties have ceased, Mark will be canvassing in the constituency on a daily basis and holding a number of street stalls at the weekend. In addition, he will be hosting several public meetings over the course of the next few weeks and is joining the public hustings with candidates from other parties on 27 April (1pm, St Mary-le-Bow Church in the City).

Do feel free to chat with him about your concerns should you see him in the constituency – he is always happy to listen and indeed engage in a good political debate!

We hope to continue as normal a service as we can during the election period but our contact details have changed and we are working from a different office so please be patient with us while we iron out any teething problems.

It is incredibly hard to boil down Mark’s nine years of service into a handful of bullet points, but here are three reasons why we believe Mark deserves your vote on 6 May:

1. A strong, respected voice on the economy

Mark knows this election is about the economy. He has consistently called for a reduction in our national debt, reduced taxes for the lowest paid and better value from our public services.

2. A record of making local issues national 

From campaigns on business rates, Bart’s Hospital and home education to helping the creative industries, Mark has a record of taking what YOU write to him and turning it into a national issue.

3. Standing up for the most vulnerable 

Mark and his team look after the interests of ALL residents by regularly speaking up on the less glamorous side of London life – housing, immigration, homelessness, crime and deprivation.

If you want to know more about Mark’s record, please browse this website where Mark has posted a large number of articles and speeches over the past nine years on a vast array of subjects. For a synopsis of his work, you might also take a look at the Reports and Newsletters page. If you have any specific questions, just drop Mark a line – see the Contact page for details.


Mark is standing as a candidate for the Conservative Party. If you would like more information about where Conservatives stand on the big issues, visit the Party’s website which details exactly why we believe Britain needs a change of government, and how a Conservative government would transform the country. Click here


If you would like to help Mark’s campaign, please get in touch with the team at his local Conservative Association. 
90 Ebury Street 
London SW1W 9QD

Telephone 020 7730 8181 
Fax 020 7730 4520 


Make sure you are on the electoral roll in time for polling day or you might find that you cannot vote. Get in touch with your local authority to register.