Campaigning For Parkinson’s Disease

Mark met with representatives from the Parkinson’s Disease Society at the House of Commons this morning to discuss care for Parkinson’s sufferers in the constituency.

Parkinson’s Disease is a complex degenerative condition that can significantly affect all aspects of daily living such as walking, talking and writing. Sufferers can also experience depression, disturbed sleep and urinary difficulties.

The Parkinson’s Disease Society, based in Vauxhall Bridge Road in Mark’s constituency, is the UK’s leading Parkinson’s charity and provides research funding, support and information on all aspects of the condition. The Society is currently campaigning to ensure all people with the condition have access to a Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist (PDNS) to help manage symptoms and co-ordinate care. There is currently a PDNS serving patients at Westminster Primary Care Trust but not for those being cared for by the City and Hackney Primary Care Trust, and Mark will be bringing this to the attention of the PCT’s Chief Executive.

The Society would also like to see national guidelines and standards for Parkinson’s care to ensure everyone with the disease has access to the same quality of care and is campaigning for free prescriptions for all patients with long-term conditions in the UK.

To find out more about the Parkinson’s Disease Society’s work or to learn more about the condition, click here