Terrorism – A Global Problem

Two years ago the world was shaken by the appalling events in New York. In this world of rapid global communications I believe the greatest horror for most of us at that time was being able to watch events as they unfolded live on television.

Identity Cards

Picture this: a quiet Sunday morning and you pop out to buy the newspapers. Absentmindedly you pick up your house keys and some cash and make your way to the local newsagent. Imagine your surprise when you encounter a policeman who demands proof of who you are and what you are doing.

Transport Issues In London

Mr. Mark Field (Cities of London and Westminster): I, too, congratulate my hon. Friend the Member for Uxbridge (Mr Randall), who is a colleague in the Whips Office, on introducing this important debate.

Addressing the Issues of Crime in London

In a recent survey conducted to my constituents who live close to Hyde Park about tourism in central London many respondents highlighted the need for more police to be seen in the area such that London could be safer and promoted as such.

Cracking The Whip

When most people hear the word "whip" they think of a rider thrashing a horse’s flank, Harrison Ford’s heroics as Indiana Jones or a mean muscle-bound giant taking a cat o’nine tails to a prisoner’s back. If only it was that exciting!

China – The New Economic Superpower?

I believe that, over the next decade or so, China will become the world’s second economic superpower. The European Union, unless it fundamentally reforms its backward-looking ways, will never be able to rival the USA despite the rhetoric of some of its leaders.

The Life Of An Mp

Within the House of Commons there is much concern about the lower turnout figures at most of this nation’s political elections.

The Middle East

As Parliament goes into its summer recess it is clear that the problems in the Middle East remain uppermost in many minds.

The Destructiveness Of The Cap

This summer saw a travesty in the liberal use of the word "reform" applied to the settlement agreed for the new European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).


Exhortation by us politicians to promote more freedom and choice has to be tempered by the disappointing failure of so many who eschew responsibility for their actions which harm both the community and natural environments.