Ten Minute Rule Bill

British business, like the British people, has a propensity to be fairly long-suffering and will accept most regulations as part of the burden of living in a democratic society.

Firearms Amnesty

The figures from the recent national firearms amnesty shed absolutely no light on the extent of gun crime here in London. Indeed the borough which took in the highest number of guns proved to be Bromley with 220 (twice as many as Lambeth and five times as many as Tower Hamlets).

No End To Politics In Cricket

I love cricket. The only chance I get to play the game now is when I’m part of the parliamentary Lords & Commons team during the summer but when the sun shines there is nothing like it.


Unemployment continues to stay at record lows but these figures are deceptive. Over the past two years the majority of employment growth has been driven by the public sector which has been on a tax-payer funded hiring spree.

Communications Bill

The Communications Bill which is currently before Parliament aims to pave the way for a new communications regulator, Ofcom.

Protestors In Central London

All of us in the House would accept the democratic right of people to protest. However, a number of impromptu protests have gone through the west end every weekend.

Licensing Bill

My constituency contains the largest number of licensed premises in the UK. Despite all the Government’s rhetoric of empowerment, the Bill is fundamentally centralising.

Anti-war Demonstrations

The Iraq War is having effects on a broad front close to home as well as abroad.

Conflict In Iraq

During the months which preceded the Iraq war and especially in the days close to the onset of the conflict my mailbag was inundated with views on the rights and wrongs of the decision for Britain to be in a coalition with America and others in the war against Iraq.

Municipal Waste Recycling Bill

I, too, shall keep my comments brief. I congratulate the hon. Member for Lewisham, Deptford (Joan Ruddock) on introducing the Bill. I confess that, like my hon. Friend the Member for Mid-Bedfordshire (Mr.