Genetically Modified Food

In the months ahead in Parliament the subject of genetically modified (GM) foods will again be raised.

Industrial Development Bill

I never cease to be amazed at the fundamental lack of understanding that government in general has of the essential economic engine of wealth creation. I must confess that in Department of Trade and Industry-speak, I suppose I am a keen proponent of initiative underload, if such a thing exists.

Deutsch Britische Gesellschaft Lecture

In speaking to you today I want to look at the prospects for the development of closer relations between England and Germany over the next twenty five years.

Beware The So-called Experts

There’s never a dull day here in Parliament. Certainly, you learn something new every day. Have you ever heard of kava kava? I must admit my first notion was that it was the name of some Indonesian island or perhaps a new dance craze of which I had yet to become aware.

Congestion Charging

It may not surprise the Minister that, in securing this debate on congestion charging, I have elected as a central London Member to focus on the practical application rather than simply on the general principles.

Facing Up To The Aids Threat

Much is being said in the country at the moment about the important potential loss of life in any war with Iraq. But little is being made of the fact that more than 8,000 people are dying every day of HIV/AIDS throughout the world.

Learning From Constituents

Whenever constituents ask me about life as an MP, many think it must be very exciting to meet such a diverse range of people in my everyday life.

Gun Control

The hon. Member for Hackney, North and Stoke Newington (Ms Abbott) made a marvellous speech, and I am only sorry that more people were not here to hear it.

Electricity Bill

It is a great pleasure to speak after the right hon. Member for Rother Valley (Mr. Barron), who gave a spirited defence of his long-standing interest in the energy industry, and the hon. Member for South Thanet (Dr.

Shaping London’s Future

Central London was somewhat lacking in good cheer during this New Year with Trafalgar Square closed to merrymakers and no fireworks but the boundaries of good cheer now face major challenges during 2003.