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Prorogation of Parliament and the Supreme Court Judgement

Before getting too carried away by excited talk of parliament being bypassed, it is important to note that MPs will have the opportunity to debate the government’s approach to Brexit in the run up to the European Council meeting on 17 and 18 October, with key votes on any potential deal we might

Brexit Latest: Indicative Voting and Working with Labour

The last week of March saw Parliament begin the novel process of indicative voting; the idea being that the House would signal its majority support for one from a choice of eight possible options that might see us break the current Brexit deadlock.

13 March 2019 Brexit Votes

Following yesterday's votes regarding No Deal, I was contacted by a number of constituents regarding the way in which I voted on the motion laid by the Government, and the two amendments that preceded this vote.

Brexit Latest

Early 2019 has already shown itself to be a momentous time in British political history.

One Year Until the UK’s Departure from the European Union

As we are now only 365 days away from the UK’s departure from the European Union and as negotiations between both sides continue apace, I was minded to recall an article I wrote for the Daily Telegraph one year ago in which I contemplated the potential direction of travel during the course of neg

The Potential Impact of the Election Result on the Brexit Negotiation Strategy

Understandably, the inconclusive result of the snap General Election has led to calls from many quarters for a re-evaluation of the government’s tone and direction in the opening of formal Brexit negotiations and in the months ahead.  Following the election, I was probably the first Conservative