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Mobile Phone Masts

As my wife and parliamentary colleagues will tell you my mobile phone is rarely turned on. In the House of Commons it remains steadfastly turned off in my desk and when I am doing one of my frequent walks around London I rarely consider taking the mobile phone with me.

Teenage Living in Westminster

Westminster is the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world. It attracts visitors from abroad and other parts of the UK for its wide variety of activities as well as its national attractions such as museums, galleries and historical sites.

Addressing the Issues of Crime in London

In a recent survey conducted to my constituents who live close to Hyde Park about tourism in central London many respondents highlighted the need for more police to be seen in the area such that London could be safer and promoted as such.

Census 2001

The first release of the recent 2001 census data for Westminster would seem to be so far off the mark that one could easily believe it was carried out by gaslight in 1901 rather than by a state-of-the-art computer system in 2001.

Wildlife in London

March was a month where the fox featured very high in the political world again. If I ever saw a fox on my way to work early in the morning in the middle of Westminster I would be shocked but also pleased.