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London Attack Statement

Mark made the following contribution in the chamber yesterday following the attack in Westminster on Wednesday:

Mark visits the Regent Street cinema

Following its opening last year, the University of Westminster’s Regent Street Cinema has been attracting visitors and film lovers from all over the city.

London – a global city whose future hangs in the balance

Labour’s mayoral candidate declared this week that the capital was changing for the worse. This was a surprisingly glum view from someone aspiring to represent a cosmopolitan city that is the beating heart of the global economy, bursting with creative energy and life in all its forms.

Superfast broadband update

As many of you will be aware, Mark has been lobbying BT and the government for some time on the difficulties central London faces in obtaining super-fast broadband.

Broadband Success!

For many months now, Mark has been ferociously lobbying both BT and the Secretary of State to wake up to the problem of poor superfast broadband coverage in Central London.

Reports into Investigatory Powers

Mark Field (Cities of London and Westminster) (Con): It would be remiss of me not first to apologise to you, Mr Speaker, and to the Home Secretary for my absence for the earliest part of this debate; I had a long-standing constituency engagement—an occupational hazard of representing a central Lo