Celebrating Work of Local Temple

Mark visited the Hindu temple in Soho Street this morning to learn about how its congregation contribute to the local community.

The Radha Krishna ISKCON temple was established 40 years ago by Swami Prabhupada and is the oldest Hindu temple in London. Receiving Mark with a ceremonial Hindu ceremony, Jai Nitai Dasa President of the Temple said, “We have a vibrant, progressive and spiritually inspiring Hindu community here in the heart of his constituency for over 40 years. From this temple we feed 500 homeless people every week, provide a free lunch to 300 students and office-goers in the city, and run various community development projects targeted at students, women and elderly.”

The temple also plays an important role in inter-faith initiatives in Westminster and organises the largest Hindu carnival outside India, the London Ratha Yatra, which commemorates a 5000 year-old celebration from the ancient holy city of Puri in India.

Mark joined the resident monks and visitors in the temple to offer respects to the Deities and placed flowers on the altar of Swami Prabhupada. He said, “I felt honoured to be invited to the only Hindu Temple in my constituency and applaud the unique contribution that ISKCON and the Hindu community have made in adding to the quality and diversity of the social, cultural and spiritual landscape of London”