Creating Cohesive Communities

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Cities of London and Westminster MP, Mark Field, visited the Westminster Muslim Welfare Trust (WMWT) this morning to see at first hand the work the group is doing to promote citizenship in the capital.

The Trust established a programme of classes in June 2007 to teach young Muslims how to live side by side with other communities and faiths and help them learn more about Britain’s history and political system.

Mark, who met students and their parents, said ‘I am incredibly impressed by this positive initiative from the WMWT. I would like to see this valuable programme extended so that ever more youngsters in the Muslim community are able to benefit.’

The citizenship project is aimed at children aged between five and sixteen from local, low income ethnic minority groups. With recent world events raising tensions within multicultural communities, the group’s General Secretary, Shaista Miah, believes that young Muslim children have been left feeling very vulnerable and isolated from society. The WMWT classes try to ensure that children from these groups are able to voice their concerns and are taught how to live peacefully alongside their neighbours.

Mr Miah hopes that the classes help students to understand each other and acknowledge the similarities there are between people of every ethnicity. He said, ‘We teach our pupils about politics, law and order. Our classes not only promote coherent behaviour in our community but we are also giving these young minds a boost to their education. They come from low income families, and because the majority are of Bangladeshi origin, they are also one of major underachievers in our education system. We provide them with the motivation and confidence vital for success.’

The WMWT classes are open to all and the group meets every Sunday at Dryburgh Hall, Alderney Street. If you would like further information, please contact Mr. Shaista Miah, General Secretary of Westminster Muslim Welfare Trust.

Tel: 07968 958885