Cundy Street Redevelopment

Grosvenor Group have recently announced proposals to redevelop Cundy Street Flats and the adjacent, Council-leased block, Walden House. Proposals are still at an early stage and work is not expected to begin before mid-2021.

These wide-ranging plans have been met with caution by some local people who have been in touch to express their concerns, which I took up with Grosvenor representatives directly when we met in July to discuss its ambitions for the area.

Despite all that Grosvenor has promised from this project, there is no escaping the significant upheaval it will create for the South Belgravia community. Naturally, my priority is to see that current tenants are properly looked after and that any future scheme reflects the high heritage value and architectural quality of the local conservation area; a point I made abundantly clear in my meeting with Grosvenor.

Cllr Murad Gassanly has been working tirelessly on this issue for some time and has managed to secure an additional payment of £6500 per affected household on tenancy agreements with break-clauses in 2021 – a great result. He continues to fight for all residents’ interest and will carry on building consensus to secure the best deal possible for all residents and the wider community.

If you are a Cundy Flats resident or Walden House tenant and have concerns about the proposed redevelopment please do get in touch with Cllr Gassanly at