F&C Celebrates Stewardship Fund

Mark hosted a reception this evening in the House of Commons to celebrate twenty-five years of F&C’s Stewardship Growth Fund. F&C is a publicly traded investment trust with a long history here in the City of London. Established in 1868 as The Foreign and Colonial Government Trust, it was the first collective investment scheme in the world and specialised in investing government bonds. The Stewardship Growth Fund pioneered the way for ethical investments, forming as it did the first such fund in Europe on its launch on 1 June 1984.

Mark spoke to the F&C’s guests about the economic crisis and the future landscape of financial services in the aftermath of the global downturn. He concluded, ‘The strictures of our domestic situation and the colossal changes that have taken place in the UK banking system will make it ever harder for the City to dictate the terms of its place in the British and global economy. In an increasingly competitive world, our nation must prove its worth by getting its City, House and finances in order.’