Hot Chocolate Thursday with the Pimlico Foundation

Reader's may remember how I visited The Pimlico Foundation in November to meet the Outbreak team and hear about the brilliant work they are doing in the community and what we can do together to help them reach more families and young people.

During that visit, I was treated to a video of one of Outbreak's famous Hot Chocolate Thursdays and promised to join in on what looked like a great day when the weather became slightly warmer!

Sticking to my word, I recently had the opportunity to attend one of these great after-school events in Churchill Gardens and see for myself the positive impact the charity has on the lives of children and young people from across the area.

The Foundation has been delivering children and youth work on the council estates of Pimlico since its formation in 2015 and it was great to see children, young people and families brought together through the power of a delicious hot chocolate!

I, of course, look forward to keeping in touch with the Pimlico Foundation, Mark and Ian as they continue building community in a fun, safe and relaxed environment.