The London Bomb Plots


Following the failed car bombing in the Haymarket and Cockspur Street last weekend Mark Field, MP for Cities of London and Westminster, asked the government whether a “Ring of Steel” was being contemplated for the West End.

In yesterday’s debate following a Commons statement by Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, Mark Field asked the question on behalf of local residents and businesses who see the latest terrorist attack as proof that more needs to be done to protect local people who live close to the many likely high-profile targets in central London.

“Since 9/11 and the central London bombing in July 2005 I have made repeated demands on behalf of my constituents that London needs special consideration because of its numerous potential targets,” says Field. “The City of London took the step of imposing a ring of steel following the attacks by the IRA in the early nineties and I believe such a consideration should be made now for the West End and areas of central London.”

“We face a potent enemy who are perverting a great religion into a separatist political ideology. They have shown themselves to have no consideration for human life and in their misguided beliefs wish to kill and maim innocent people on our streets.”

“I take very seriously my responsibilities as the local MP to make the case for residents and businesses in the West End to be protected whilst being allowed to go about their everyday lives.”

“I hope local residents will contact me if they have any further suggestions as to how we can best achieve this goal”.