Lord Mayor Boosts St Andrews Club

The St Andrew’s Club has been given a major boost after Cllr Duncan Sandys, the new Lord Mayor of Westminster, confirmed that it would be his Charity of the Year. Mark is the President of the Club and is absolutely delighted that he will have the chance to work closely with the Lord Mayor to promote its great work.

The St Andrew’s Club was established in 1866 and is the world’s oldest youth club. It has 700 members and offers a diverse range of activities from football and weight training to cookery and digital photography. The Club offers a safe, welcoming and active environment with the aim of helping young people make more informed choices about their lives and filling them with self-confidence, self-respect and respect for others. As well as leisure activities, the St Andrew’s Club also helps its members create CVs, apply for further education and take advantage of employment opportunities.

Based in Old Pye Street, South Westminster, the Club draws most of its members from the local area and offers residential trips to young people whose opportunity to leave the city sometimes only comes from the Club.

On confirming his support for the Club this year, the Lord Mayor said, “I have visited St Andrew’s over the years in my role as local councillor and have always been struck by the energy, diversity and positive attitudes I have witnessed. During my year in office I will be aiming to raise substantial funds for this fantastic club that does such sterling work for hundreds of young people in south Westminster.”

Mark said, ‘I have been President of the St Andrew’s Club for a couple of years now and am always heartened when I visit. For so long we have been told that community spirit has died in our inner cities. The work of the Club’s brilliant team and the enthusiasm of its members proves wrong this gloomy theory. As with most charitable organisations, funding always plays on the mind and it is brilliant that the Lord Mayor has given the Club this major boost. He will be rewarded with a lasting legacy of bright, confident and engaged young Westminster residents’.