Mansion House Protests Statement

A major security breach occurred at the dinner I attended last night when a large number of protesters suddenly and noisily stormed into Mansion House.

In the confusion many guests understandably felt threatened and when one protester rushed past me towards the top table I instinctively reacted. There was no security present and I was for a split-second genuinely worried she might have been armed. As a result I grasped the intruder firmly in order to remove her from the room as swiftly as possible.

I deeply regret this episode and unreservedly apologise to the lady concerned for grabbing her but in the current climate I felt the need to act decisively to close down the threat to the safety of those present.

In view of the publicity around this incident I am referring myself to the Cabinet Office to examine whether there has been a breach of the ministerial code, and will of course cooperate fully with their investigation. 

Update: 26.06.2019

City of London Police, having assessed all the CCTV evidence in the context of the serious breach in security, and having taken eye-witness testimony, declared that it would be taking no further action and exonerated my response as proportional in the circumstances.

In a statement, City of London Police said, "following careful assessment and giving consideration to the events of that evening and the subsequent views of Janet Barker in relation to the action of Mark Field MP, City of London Police will be taking no further action against Mr Field."

Update: 29.07.2019

Having co-operated in full with the Cabinet Office investigation, I am hugely relieved that the Prime Minister now considers this matter closed.

I have been deeply touched by the letters and e-mails of support from thousands of men and women from across the country, many from political opponents.