Mark Discuss Healthcare In Westminster

Mark met the Chairman and Acting Chief Executive of Westminster Primary Care Trust in parliament this morning to discuss healthcare in the constituency.

A number of constituents have approached Mark over the past year to raise their concerns over the cleanliness of hospitals, the performance of NHS staff, the provision of mental health care and the closure of GP surgeries.

The PCT is currently investigating concerns over the appointments system at the Victoria Medical Centre in particular and is hoping to address delays in the system as soon as possible. There will also be a deep clean of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to alleviate fears over hospital infections.

Constituents have raised their concerns over the retirement of Dr Atkinson at the Wood Mews surgery and Mark was assured that all patients will be guaranteed a place at medical practices in the area by March. The PCT has had to deal with this issue on a tight timescale as a three month notice period was given.

Mark also raised questions about the cost and effectiveness of the Healthcare for London consultation. According to the PCT, the results of the consultation will not be seen as a blueprint but they believe it could be helpful in relating what Westminster is doing to a broad strategy and it could prove cost effective as it might prevent the overlap of services. Mark’s concerns remain over whether the consultation is a good use of taxpayers’ money.

If you would like to contribute to the consultation, which aims to improve healthcare for Londoners, you can either freephone (0808 238 5430), write a letter to FREEPOST Consulting the Capital or email For more information, click here.