Mark Meets Local Environmental Campaigner

Cities of London and Westminster MP, Mark Field, met his constituent Mark Dowd in the House of Commons this morning to discuss climate change. Mr Dowd is a journalist and award-winning documentary maker who was recently appointed as the campaign strategist for the Christian environmental charity, Operation Noah.

Operation Noah’s main goal is to encourage the British government to urgently enact legislation that will fairly and equitably drive down average carbon dioxide missions to one tonne per person by 2030. Mark knows how important this issue is to many of his constituents as he is regularly lobbied about the strength of the Climate Change Bill. Mr Dowd was keen to emphasise the importance of pushing for an emissions cut of ninety percent over the next twenty years and talked about the need to include aviation and shipping in the Bill.

Mark has in fact already written to both the Environment Secretary and Shadow Environment Secretary about the exclusion of international aviation and shipping emissions. The government has stated that the reason provisions on aviation are not currently included in the Bill is because international agreement cannot be reached on how to allocate the emissions caused from aviation to individual countries. The government is pushing for consensus on this matter and the Conservative Environmental spokesman, Peter Ainsworth, also believes it makes little sense to exclude international aviation and shipping from the Bill.

Mark has now agreed to table a number of parliamentary questions for Mr Dowd to keep the pressure up on the government.

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