My Petition for Tougher Penalties for Engine Idling

Last Wednesday, I launched a petition calling on the government to give councils the power to issue increased on-the-spot fines to drivers who persistently leave their engines to idle despite repeat warning.

Why the call to action? Well, numerous studies have linked dirty air to premature deaths and with Westminster having some of the worst air pollution readings in the country, it is vital that we take a firm stance against those who thoughtlessly pump damaging pollutants into our air.

At the moment, councils are able to issue an £80 fine for unnecessary engine idling. However, this can only come after the driver refuses to turn their engine off and a parking officer observes them idling for a minute! This is particularly important in the case of repeat offenders who may turn their engine off when asked but then immediately turn it back on.

If councils were given the power to issue a significant on-the-spot fine, drivers would surely think twice about leaving their engines to needlessly idle.

If you think this is an important issue and want to see the government take action that will help Westminster Council clean up our air, please support my campaign by signing and sharing my petition.

Sign my petition here: