Soho People

Mark was asked by local website, Soho People, to answer ten questions.

Here are his answers:-

What are the top three issues facing your constituency and how would you tackle them? Do any of these issues effect the people of Soho who live, work and visit the area in your opinion?

The state of the economy; our infrastructure and quality of life – all key Soho issues too!

How would you sum up your beliefs and personality in ten words?

Optimistic, positive, responsive, with passion for London and global outlook.

Name your top five favourite places to visit or things to do in Soho and the surrounding areas?

Soho House; Kettners; Soho Square Gardens; St Ann’s churchyard and the bustle of all our main Soho streets.

Do you agree with the current action of Westminster Council to ‘clean up the grime and crime’ in Soho?

Yes, but we should not sanitise Soho out of existence either! Part of its unique charm is Soho’s shabbiness!

Do you consider Soho a good place to live?

Yes; indeed we should always remember that many of its residents have little choice but to live there as they are social housing tenants

Who or what would you consider to be your greatest inspiration?

My 2 year old son – I desperately want to make this city and his world a better place for him once I am no longer here.

What is your favourite film?

Dirty Harry starring Clint Eastwood (1971)

Are you a religious person? How do you think this fits with your political beliefs?

I believe in God, but without it having a strong influence on my political outlook.

Have you always been a supporter of the party you represent and why?

Since my teens – only conservatism embraces the history of our nation alongside a passion for individual responsibility, liberty and enterprise.

Why should people vote for you?

I strongly believe in representative politics – I am here to work on behalf of all my constituents whether or not they vote for me. Indeed over the past nine years some of my hardest work has been on behalf of local folk who would never vote Conservative! They need my help and support as much as my keenest supporters. This is the way I would continue to work.