STEM for Britain Returns to Parliament

I have been joining STEM for Britain at its Parliamentary exhibition for a number of years now and am always amazed by the new innovations being displayed by our brightest and best.

This year saw no less than four prize winners from institutions found in the Cities of London and Westminster, including the overall prize winner, Sophie Morse of Imperial College London, who scooped the top accolade for her poster that presented her work on getting drugs to the brain using ultrasound and microbubbles.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are the bedrock subjects crucial to the future innovations that will drive our economy forward in the years ahead. Developing our universities’ STEM offerings is so vital, not only in inspiring our indigenous population to take up these important subjects, but also to attracting the best talent from across the globe.

STEM for Britain is a wonderful showcase for all that our fantastic UK universities and institutions has to offer and serves as a rare opportunity to see and hear first-hand some of the excellent work being undertaken in research facilities across the country. The competition provides much-needed encouragement to researchers in the early stages of their careers, and I look forward to support its excellent work for many years yet.

Full details of the competition and exhibition can be found on the STEM for Britain website at:

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