Supporting St Mungo’s

Last Monday I helped launch an exhibition in the House of Commons to celebrate St Mungo’s fortieth anniversary and their latest project, Street Stories.

St Mungo’s runs emergency homelessness services in London, providing shelters for people in need of a safe place to sleep, outreach teams to connect with the vulnerable and support services to help get the homeless back on their feet.

The Street Stories exhibition displays the testimonies of forty-one St Mungo’s clients who were asked to contribute to an oral history of homeless people’s experiences on the streets of our capital. We hope that as many MPs as possible will see the exhibition to ensure they understand the difficulties facing the homeless and what can be done to keep people from falling through the net.

After the launch of the exhibition, I went on to introduce the St Mungo’s new report, Battered, Broken and Bereft, which looks at the reasons why so many people still end up sleeping rough in our modern society. Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, joined us for the event and spoke encouragingly about the government’s work to reduce homelessness.

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