Trafalgar Square Post Office Closure Update

Last October, and to the disappointment of many, the Post Office announced the permanent closure of its often-busy Trafalgar Square branch, shortly after the last post before Christmas.

Naturally, there was much surprise from local business and residents who frequently used the wide range of services on offer, with particular concern reserved for the lack of a time frame to re-establish a branch in the area and the considerable distance for many regular customers to the suggested alternative Post Offices.

Indications that the branch’s future may not be certain first arose following the building’s purchase in 2015 and the subsequent decision of its new landlord to re-develop the site. Naturally, it was impossible for the Post Office to commit to retaining a presence at that location without knowing the final details of the proposed re-development. Once it became clear that the basement space on offer would not be a practical location for a branch of the size needed, and that a ground floor basing would not be financially sustainable, the Post Office made the difficult decision to close its doors permanently. Having spoken at length to Post Office officials about this, I am in no doubt that it did everything it could to maintain its presence on William IV Street.

I met with Post Office officials in 2017 to discuss the then potential closure and explore viable options for the branch moving forward, at the same time making clear just how important the services it provides are to local residents and businesses alike. Having been in close contact with the Post Office, Council colleagues and The Northbank BID ever since, there is a clear acknowledgement just how essential this particular branch is to the local community and a real commitment to restoring services to the area as soon as possible, on both a short and long-term basis.

Commercial matters such as these are never straight forward and often too sensitive to provide a running commentary on. Despite the clear demand for a Post Office in the area and the determination from all sides to restore services, finding a suitable location goes beyond will alone. Identifying the right site will be tricky, nevertheless, I want to reassure all those who have contacted me that I am taking your concerns up directly with the Post Office and maintaining pressure for the re-establishing of services as soon as possible, and remain quietly optimistic that we will see a solution to this issue before long.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and concerns on this matter with my team and mean by e-mailing in at