Tree Planting in Marylebone

I was out in Marylebone this afternoon along with Cllr Barbara Arzymanow to add a bit more greenery to Westminster’s pavements by helping to plant a tree as part of Wild West End, a partnership between Portman, Crown, Howard de Walden, Grosvenor and Shaftsbury to encourage biodiversity in the West End.  

Cleaning up the air we breathe is one of the biggest political concerns of the moment which is why creating a greener, more sustainable city which improves air quality and makes our surroundings more pleasant for everyone is so important. The City of Westminster currently maintains 9000 trees on its streets and aims to plant another 3000 by 2021. It was a pleasure to add another tree to Westminster's already impressive total and make a small contribution to the greening of central London.

My thanks to Simon Loomes and the Portman team, Westminster City Council and, of course, Cllr Arzymanow for setting up the day and inviting me to be part of it.