Will The Olympic Logo Pass The Test Of Time?

Ever since the 2012 London Olympic logo was unveiled at the beginning of June, my postbag has bulged with letters and emails from constituents. It will not come as a surprise to anyone, I reckon, that precisely none of this correspondence has come out in favour of the design that was unveiled with such a fanfare.

I am reluctant to be responsible for even more comment about this matter – but here goes! I believe the logo for London 2012 should reinforce the brand of London and the UK as a whole. Surely the most instantly recognisable sign for this country is our national flag ? the Union Jack. At the very least, its red, white and blue colours should appear prominently in the London 2012 logo, which might even feature the Union Jack symbol itself. After all, London prides itself on being a global capital and the Union Jack is a symbol not just of this country, but also of the British Commonwealth. Indeed the Union Jack still appears on the Australian and New Zealand flags amongst many others. The London Games in five years’ time should be a celebration of London’s place as a global capital and in that sense we should be proud to ‘share’ it with all other British Commonwealth countries.

In addition, 2012 will be the Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, a time of great celebration for all those countries for whom the Queen is Head of State. Naturally this too goes well beyond the shores of the United Kingdom. What better way to herald the return of the Olympics to London in 2012 than by promoting the history, colour and essence of our national flag?