My Meeting with Pimlico Youth Workers; Outbreak

The Pimlico Foundation has been delivering children and youth work on the council estates of Pimlico since its formation in 2015, and today I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Liburd, Ian Mullens and Rev Lis Goddard; the team behind Outbreak, the Foundation’s fantastic youth-focused ‘movement’.

My visit to Maggie's Centre at Barts

It was an absolute pleasure to visit the Maggie’s Centre located at Barts for the first time since I attended its opening almost a year ago and to see it up and running, as well as meeting again with Laura Lee, Maggie’s Chief Executive and champion.

International Freedom of Religion or Belief Day

Last week, Mark responded on behalf of the Government in the Westminster Hall debate tabled by Jim Shannon MP regarding International Freedom of Religion or Belief Day. To read the whole debate on Hansard, please click here.

Jim Shannon (Strangford) (DUP)

I beg to move,

Nuclear Treaty: US Withdrawal

Last week, Mark responded on behalf of the Government in his role as Minister for Asia and the Pacific in the debate tabled by Fabian Hamilton MP regarding US withdrawal from the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty. To read the whole debate on Hansard, please click here.

Ministerial Update September 2018

As we enter what is sure to be a busy session in parliament, do allow me to provide a picture of some of the work I have undertaken at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in what has been a packed September for my team and me.

Small Business Roundtable

It was a pleasure to meet with eight local businesses operating within the Cities of London and Westminster, all of whom have participated in the 10,000 Small Businesses scheme run by Goldman Sachs.

Soho Residents' Update

As the balmy days of what seemed like one of our hottest summer recesses in recent years fades into memory, Parliament is again in session and gearing up for what will be a crucial few months in the Brexit saga.

Access to Cannabis-Derived Medical Products

In March, I was contacted by a longstanding constituent with whom I have been in correspondence over the years on a range of both local and national issues. What we discussed this time, however, was something far more personal and of an importance unlike anything previous.