Lord Amendments To Enterprise Bill

I, too, wish to endorse the words of my hon. Friend the Member for Blaby (Mr. Robathan). We should seek to divide the role of chairman from that of chief executive as an integral part of good corporate governance.


May I take the opportunity to welcome my hon. Friend the Member for South Holland and The Deepings (Mr. Hayes) to his Front-Bench post?

Crime And Congestion Charging

Two items on which fellow local residents write to me regularly are the increasing crime in our community and the congestion charging that we face courtesy of Mayor Livingstone.

Trade Justice

It was a relief to see the recent Johannesburg Earth Summit almost entirely free of violence. It reminded me of another non-violent day in June when 10,000 Trade Justice campaigners came to Parliament to demand a level playing field in trade for the developing world.

Street Sleepers

A concerned constituent wrote to me in July about a man who had taken to sleeping rough in the Horseferry Road area. Her concern was that, having spoken to the homeless man, he might have slipped though the social services net.

Alzheimer’s Awareness Week

In July the Alzheimer’s Society held their Awareness Week and I had the privilege to be invited to the launch of its research study into patient experience of diagnosis.


A decade ago the subject of pensions aroused little passion. The young would not consider it and single women, in the main, ignored the prospect. The main pension planners were couples beyond the age of thirty and executives looking for the best working deals.

Development Plan For London

I congratulate the hon. Member for Edmonton (Mr. Love) on securing this important debate. We go back some five or six years. Hon. Members may have wondered earlier how I could talk about the intricacies of the London borough of Enfield.

Finance Bill

The Paymaster General says that the vast majority of projects will be saved by new clause 21.

Electorate’s Dim View Of Politicians

In one recent survey politicians came top of the list of most disliked people. We even managed to beat estate agents and journalists by some margin.