NHS Future Funding

Ahead of the 2018 Autumn Budget, I was contacted by many local people urging the Government to follow through on the Prime Minister's announcement of significant additional funding for the NHS.

The Chancellor confirmed this and set out the Government's intention to provide the NHS with an additional £20.5 billion by 2023/24; the largest, longest funding settlement in the history of the NHS. This investment will benefit services up and down the country and support the NHS to make the right decisions for the long-term, setting it on a sustainable path to continue delivering world class care.

The Government has asked the NHS to draw up a plan to that secures it for the long-term, focusing on cutting waste and ensuring every penny is well spent. This will take the form of a new ten-year plan, led by clinicians and professionals, and supported by local health and care systems across the country. At its heart is the notion that prevention is better than cure, marking a clear shift towards our health service promoting good health not just curing illness, while helping to place it on a long-term sustainable footing.

From those attending St Mary's in the west of the constituency, to those who use Barts in the east, I think we can all welcome the Government's commitment to the NHS. This long-term plan will ensure that the NHS is fit to support us for the next 70 years and beyond. It will be led by professionals, with input from the public and patients, and sets out a sustainable and efficient vision for our health service.