Topical Issues

Sometimes, something in the news will capture the public's attention and precipitate a large amount of correspondence requesting my thoughts on or support of the issue in question. Often, this correspondence comes in the from of 'click campaigns'; a quick and easy way for the public to register their interest in a certain matter by having a website generate an e-mail which is sent to lobby the local Member of Parliament.

Of course, I am always delighted when people take the time to let me know their views, however, it can often be difficult to respond to each 'click campaign' e-mail when so many are received in such a short space of time. As I am sure you will appreciate, I will always prioritise casework requests from constituents asking for my help which can mean responding to the 'click campaigns' falls by the wayside.

I am always willing to explain my views and should hate for constituents to feel their enquiries have been ignored, which is why I dedicated this section of the website to laying out my thoughts on some of the most popular enquiries I receive.