Tours of Parliament, PMQs and Gallery Access

Tours of Parliament

Free guided tours of Parliament are available to constituents when arranged through my office. The walking tour of the Palace of Westminster lasts approximately 75 minutes and includes:

  • Westminster Hall, the ancient hall at the heart of the Palace where Parliament first sat and where many historic events have taken place.

  • The House of Commons, including the Speaker's Chair and the famous green benches and the lobbies where MPs actually vote.

  • The House of Lords, including the Royal Throne.

  • The Queen's Robing Room, Royal Gallery and many other fascinating parts of the Palace of Westminster.

Full tours normally take place between 9am-12pm on Monday, 9am-9:55am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and on Friday afternoons. During recess, tours arranged through my office generally take place on Mondays.

Tours can be arranged for up to 25 people. Should you require more space I can arrange two separate tours (both beginning within about 5-10 minutes of each other). However, larger tours may take longer to arrange.

Please contact me to enquire about a visit to Parliament.

School Visits

There are also free educational visits which, in addition to a tour of the Palace, offer children and students the chance to learn more about Parliament through interactive workshops. 

Parliament's Education Service take bookings a term in advance through an online booking form which teachers can fill out themselves. This form is usually online for roughly 5-6 weeks a term in advance. If you miss the deadline to complete the form you will need to call the Education Service to making a booking as they do not take bookings via e-mail. To find out when the booking form goes live the term before, you can call the Education Service on 0207 219 449 or subscribe to the e-newsletter from their websiteto find out.

Prime Minister's Questions

The Wednesday weekly showpiece is, as one might imagine, a very popular event. As such, MPs are limited to reserving two tickets a month for their constituents. Should you wish to apply for tickets, please contact me to check for availability. 

Gallery Access

It's easy to forget that Parliament is a working building and that within its ancient and ornate corridors, business is taking place all throughout the day. If you would like to observe the day's business from either the Commons or the Lords gallery, please check the Parliamentary calendarand should anything catch your eye, do not hesitate to let me know.